Best High DA Free Blog Commenting Site lists 2020

and an updated dofollow blog commenting sites list 2020.

Blog commenting is a great tool to get in touch with even top bloggers in any industry. There is no restriction for you to submit your comments in any authority blogs. Indeed, you will have to do it right to reap its entire benefits. Hence, I am going to share free blog commenting sites list 2020 reducing your workload. You don’t require spending your time searching blogs for commenting individually.

Also, I am about to uncover a few real benefits of blog commenting and how to do it perfectly.

Why We Do Blog Commenting?

The blog commenting is a favorite for most of the online marketers. It benefits both the blog owners and blog commenters. For a blog owner, blog comments are the key to knowing what readers want. On the other hand, blog comment helps the readers to interact with the blog owners. The blog owners might be the top influencers in the specific industry.

The list of benefits through blog commenting does not end here. Why do even the topmost bloggers believe in blog commenting and search for free blog commenting sites list? Why expert bloggers still do have a regular practice of commenting on other blogs? Here are the reasons, which are the benefits of commenting on other related blogs – only if you have a handful of best blog commenting sites list.

Benefits Of Commenting On Best Blog Commenting Websites For SEO

  • Blog owners can understand the audience’s mind through the blog comments on every blog post.
  • It helps to increase the content length of the particular blog posts.
  • The blog publishers can include more related keywords in replying to the blog comments.
  • Blog commenting on top authority blogs forms an efficient way to communicate with top influencers on your topic.
  • It would be great for building brand awareness and getting more exposure among the audience from multiple streams.
  • It drives more organic traffic while commenting on your niche related blogs.
  • Links generated through blog commenting helps to improve link profile. It can either be dofollow or nofollow.
  • More number of comments for a specific post improves the trust denoting the value of the blog post content.

Think about a blog post that has received no comments. How do you examine it? At the same time, what if a post has hundreds of valuable comments. It denotes that the latter case is worth and curious among the readers.

In both cases either blog owner or commenter, blogs will gain SERP ranking by getting more organic or referral traffic respectively. But, the comment you drop must be genuine, appealing and natural. Don’t comment on other blogs just to get a backlink. Make sure your content is free from typical writing mistakes that get a bad impression on you. Write interactive comments that add value to the post further. So, the readers will turn their eyes around you and visit your blog page.

How A Blog Comment Must Be?

Here are some of the tips to make sure your blog comment is up to the mark to get approval soon.

  • Start with warm greetings to the author. Say hi or hello or even author name starting the comment.
  • Must give compliments for their good works, post greetings.
  • Comment you drop must be valuable to the readers.
  • No generic comments will get approval. Write some genuine lengthier content or conversational type of comments.
  • Make sure the content is free from spelling, grammatical or any silly writing mistakes.

Above all, make sure the target site is active in publishing posts often. And, it approves other blog comments regularly. Dropping your comments on inactive sites returns nothing. Hence, I am sharing here the list of blog commenting sites that are lively.

Best Practices Of Blog Commenting For Definite Approval

You will find blog commenting an easy job with plenty of free blogs commenting sites list for SEO available over the web. But, what if the editor doesn’t approve your blog comment? Your time and value make nothing. So, as much as blog comments you do, it must get approved for the real benefits.

There are no hard rules to write a blog comment for a higher approval ratio. Still, there are some suggestions as follows. Implement these ideas while blog commenting using the below high DA blog commenting sites list.

#1 Niche relevant blog commenting

What’s your primary goal of blog commenting? Do you just want to build backlinks? Or you need to drive potential traffic or expose you or your brand across people?

Anything between the two you prefer, commenting on niche relevant blogs is surefire to get the utmost benefits. If it’s for backlinks, remember Google loves only the relevant and natural backlinks.

Otherwise, if it is for attracting people, users from niche relevant blogs will be organic. Only those users will be interested in your products or services. So, make sure to comment on niche relevant blogs. Also, the website owners are likely to approve the comments that are real.

They don’t like the comments that you generate intentionally to get backlinks.

Also, if you want to drive users only within a specific country, then read some localized blogs (always keep an eye on niche relevancy) and comment. For an instant, blog commenting sites USA is excellent for business that wants to attract USA based audience.

#2 Use real Gravatar

Don’t use any fake email accounts just for the sake of bulk blog commenting. Use your real headshots. For which, I recommend Gravatar. Register an account on Gravatar with a professional email address, real name, and photo. Make sure to have a smiling or pleasing headshot. Don’t use brand logos instead as a kind of promotion. Though you have an authority blog commenting sites list, your comment must be genuine and personalized.

#3 Read before you comment

Without reading the content or at least skimming through the headings, you cannot drop valid comments. Simply commenting like ‘great article’, ‘thanks for the information’, ‘it is very helpful’, etc. will never tweak the editor’s mind to approve. So, completely run through the article, and then write valuable comments.

Also, navigating through the comments by others on the page will help you to understand the topic even better. So, you can drop if any queries you have, or any additional information or statistics you have on the subject. Adding those in your blog comment, the editor will approve it for sure as it adds some value to their readers.

Indeed, only real and genuine blog comments will get approval.

#4 Do it regularly

The seasonal commenting never makes sense. Though you are using our blog commenting websites, make sure to do it usually. So, you will become familiar among the bloggers and top influencers in the niche. Bloggers can easily remember you and approve with no hesitation.

Especially, if you are the first commenter on any blog post, your comments will also get more views and responses. For which, subscribe to the blogs that you often visit and do blog comment. Whenever a new post comes live, you will get notifications and hence, you can contribute your comment at the earliest.

Above all, make sure to have a list of blog comments you do. So you can easily check the approval status. Also, you can get some idea about the list of blog commenting sites that are active in approving the comments regularly. Those are the best blog commenting sites for assured approval.

Blog Commenting Mistakes To Avoid

Blog commenting is one of the most inspiring ways to get connect with community bloggers and build networks. At the same time, it comes easy to commit mistakes. Even though, your comment on any of the sites from the below free blog commenting sites list, make sure not to entitle these following blog commenting mistakes.

  • Over optimizing or using keywords as author-name
  • Commenting without even skimming through the article
  • Not being polite or genuine while commenting
  • Not checking or proofreading before submitting your comments
  • Using a fake email address or masking the IP address
  • Dropping comments on irrelevant & non-industry blogs
  • Simply asking the same questions on all other blogs that write about the same topic
  • Commenting on a post but not getting back to acknowledge the replies
  • Copy-pasting the same comment which is irrelevant or generic to the content
  • Contributing spammy comment making no sense

Do you feel the guilt of doing any of these blog commenting mistakes? Stop trying to spam.

List of Authority & Free Blog Commenting Sites List

I hope now you have got a clear understanding that how to write effective comments on other blogs. With that in mind, make use of the below blog commenting sites list free 2020 for quality blog commenting and approval. Don’t bother, if you struggle with how to find blog commenting sites for regular blog commenting tasks. This huge compiled free blog commenting sites list can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easily one of the best ways to make your sites interactive, build backlinks and attract precious traffic to your website, Blog comments have always been a major part of every bloggers & site owners arsenal – be it past, present or tomorrow.

In today’s FAQ roundup, let’s dig deeper into some of the major queries regarding this wonderful niche and, of course, their answers.

Read on;

1) What defines a good comment?

At the end of the day, it’s not really difficult to compose a good comment. All you have to do is make sure that whatever you post, wherever you post, the pot itself should always be sensible. A conclusion is a must. Furthermore, it also doesn’t matter whether your comments are positive or negative; you should be ready to stand by it.’

Maintain a polite expression. Be calm, especially in an argument. Remember: lashing out doesn’t help anyone, ever!

2) Hey, can Blog commenting really help you build an audience?

Yes. By each comment you’re making on a reputed blog, you’re opening yourself and your websites to higher interactions, both from the blog owners as well as their readers. In other words, it’s an advertisement – but helpful.

The better the interactions, the more the connections made, which, with time, will translate to better traffic for your site – nice!

3) Who can see my comments?

After being reviewed by moderators and approved for publishing, your comments, in most cases, will be open to the public, meaning that every reader can view it & interact with it, sans even registering.

In rare cases, the C-section may require a login for the public to interact with it. It’s done to improve the quality of the comments.

4) Can it promote SEO?

Absolutely yes! With each successful comment you make, you’re essentially creating quality backlinks to your site, which, as you surely know, is one of the major goals out there for a successful SEO strategy.

Not only that, but a good comment can also build trust and interactions, both of which are truly essential (again!) for SEO.

5) Are you commenting free?

Definitely yes! In fact, that’s what that really makes Top Best High DA Free Blog Commenting Sites List all the more enticing!

Blog Commenting Site Lists 2020

S.NoWebsitesLink Types

Blog Commenting

Commenting is a way of building a relationship between blogs, blogger and blog readers. With Blog Commenting you can exchange your ideas, thoughts, or opinions on a particular topic with other bloggers in the same niche. Blog Comments also help the blog to attract traffic and make it more social.
It is very simple but not easy to make a blog popular on Google. The simple funda behind the popular blog is their quality content, If you have mind-blowing quality and unique content then, for sure, no one can stop your blog to become popular.
This is one of the most asked questions what are do follow and no follow backlinks. Nofollow links do not have much or any SEO values, where dofollow links pass the link juice which will directly boost your blog ranking.
This question also comes much time in front of me… Now let me give you some proven ways which will give you high-quality backlinks for your blog. 1. Blog Commenting Sites 2. Search Engine Submission 3. My Response is on My Own Website 4. Social Bookmarking Sites 5. Image Sharing Sites 6. Profile Creation Sites 7. Ping Submission 8. Analyse your Competitors backlinks 9. Ask your friends for backlinks 10. Guest Posts
For Building Quality backlinks for your website please check out our link building categories. Now, Let me tell you some backlinks creating strategies. 1. Broken link building 2. Backlinks through infographics 3. Guest Posts 4. Internal Linking 5. Promote content on Social Media Platforms
Blog Comments should be allowed on most blogs. Without comments, a blog isn’t really a blog. Comments make your blog attractive and engaging, a blog with enabled comments have more visitors as compared to now enabled comment blog.
1. Right-click on your browser and click “View page source”. 2. Next, look for the link in the HTML of the page. 3. If you see a rel=”nofollow” attribute, that link is no-follow. Otherwise, the link is dofollow.
Backlinks boost your authority. The more Google’s automated processes “respect” your authority, the higher your website’s ranking in relevant, organic search results. A high-quality backlink tells search engine crawlers that your presence online is the real deal – an authority within its niche.
Dofollow links are an HTML attribute that is used to allow search bots to follow the links. It passes the link juice for your website, which will help in a higher ranking in search results.
Yes, for sure, backlinks are still an important factor of ranking websites in search results. There are more than 200+ ranking factors available, and backlinks come in the top 3. So, you can think about how important backlinks are.
A high-quality backlink is an external link that points o your site. The website which points link to your site has a high authority and the value of that website in Google is very high. Then it will be known as a high-quality backlink.


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