Why Your Website and Content aren’t Ranking Well

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As a content marketing specialist at IMPACT, quite possibly the most well-known difficulties I experience with customers when we’re first beginning to cooperate is that their site is not ranking great in search engines.

“I’m not getting enough leads in my site.”

“Inbound isn’t exactly working for us.”

“We’ve done the keyword research and we’re making content, yet we’re not seeing the outcomes.”

“We’re not seeing the ROI of our publishing content to a blog endeavors.”

These advertisers might be doing some rendition of content marketing as of now. Maybe they’re publishing content to a blog consistently, or maybe they as of late overhauled their website.

They may even have various rounds of keyword research under their belts, yet they’re as yet not appearing on the initial not many pages of Google.

What gives?

In the event that any of this sounds recognizable, I can comprehend for what reason you’d be disappointed, particularly in the event that you have an inclination that you’re investing heaps of exertion with no result and no obvious sign concerning why it’s not working.

There can be many reasons why content on your site isn’t positioning, however more often than not, there are only a small bunch of components that are in all likelihood the guilty parties, as we’ll jump into underneath.

So while this is certainly not a comprehensive rundown, odds are that in case you’re not positioning, it’s at least one of the accompanying elements that might be keeping you down. Prior to jumping into the rundown, however, it merits jumping on the same wavelength concerning why we put such an accentuation and significance on “ranking” all things considered.

Why Ranking is So Important?

Toward the day’s end, your site is likely functioning admirably when it produces extraordinary leads for your sales team. However, the inquiry that you might be pondering next is presumably, “Does it make a difference where those prompts the site come from, as PPC, organic, social, paid social, direct traffic, or email?”

In case we’re talking the most practical and effective approach to get new leads, organic search holds the most guarantee.

Organic search allows you to be seen by individuals who don’t have any acquaintance with you exist yet are searching for the arrangement or administration you offer – and it doesn’t need an advertisement spending plan to do as such! The determinant of whether natural inquiry will work for you boils down to positioning admirably on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

It can truly be quite astounding what the ROI of getting your site to rank well in Google can be. Utilizing the SEMrush Keyword tool, for example, I can perceive what my customers would have to pay in paid rush hour gridlock to get a similar openness they’re getting organically for same keywords.

10 Reasons Why Your Website is not Ranking Well in Google

1. Your Website Speed is Slow

Guess how long it takes most sites to load on mobile?

By and large, sites require around 5 or 6 seconds. Notwithstanding, think about how long most users will stay before they leave the page?

We’re seeing more like 3 seconds.

That disparity implies individuals aren’t getting what they need fast enough.

Something critical to note is that Google looks at your engagement matrices, similar to individuals staying on your site versus “bouncing” directly off, as an approach to decide if individuals are finding your site significant. In the event that your site seems, by all accounts, to be significant, it’ll help your rankings, and the other way around.

In the event that clients aren’t in any event, ready to stay for your page to stack, they won’t have an occasion to see the worth that you offer, and search engines will probably contrarily affect your rankings as needs be.

How to Fix Slow Site Speed?

To perceive what amount of time your website requires to stack, you can attempt some free online tools like PageSpeed Insights from Google, a mobile speed test from Google, run a domain report from a free SEMRush trial.

Commonly, fixing the problem of slow site speed may come down to reducing image file sizes, minimizing the quantity of videos on a single page, and for the most part reducing the quantity of HTTP demands for your site.

2. Your Content is not Building Trust

This presumably seems like sound judgment and something we would all be able to identify with as purchasers, however you ought to consistently be asking, what is my organization doing to construct that trust?

Indeed, first, we as a whole realize what doesn’t assemble trust:

We’ve all wound up on sites or talking with organizations where we promptly feel like we were assaulted with deals pitches when we were truly searching for data and some genuine assistance.

How to Build Trust in Your Content

To construct that trust, and to ensure your possibilities feel heard, comprehended, and helped, we need to address their greatest inquiries, stresses, and worries on our site. This is the core of what the They Ask, You Answer reasoning is about.

So, investigate your blog content.

In case you’re blogging on a regular basis, yet your webpage isn’t ranking, investigate what is the issue here and how it’s being outlined.

Do every one of your web journals have a connotation about how your organization is the best, why somebody should purchase from you, or why somebody needs to converse with a business part?

It’s insufficient to simply be making content and blogs for your site, however it should be useful and reliable data. This implies hitting on the Big 5 points that are ensured to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Also, it’s insufficient to simply expound on those points; it’s similarly as significant how you do it: the objective ought to be to fabricate trust and give the peruser genuine, impartial data – not to persuade them to purchase from you.


Investigate your site pages.

As illogical as it might appear, your site shouldn’t be about you. All things being equal, it should zero in on what issues your item/administration can fix for your possibilities.

Stacy Willis, IMPACT’s Lead Website Strategist, moves organizations to perceive how frequently webpage pages notice we, us, or the organization name versus some variant of you.

On the off chance that your site is all organization centered, notwithstanding how upgraded it is for web indexes, it’s not structure trust between your image and the client, and it might struggle ranking result.

Another approach to assemble trust on your site is by utilizing the intensity of video. At the point when your possibilities can see, hear, and get a vibe of who you are before you actually realize they exist, you can wager that they’re bound to be available to conversing with you about your product or service.

3. Your Content is not Targeting Right Keywords

You will struggle ranking if it’s not satisfactory to search engines what addresses you’re attempting to reply (and hence rank for). Content should be adequately clear so individuals can see rapidly what it is that you’re offering, not simply site pages loaded up with industry language that individuals may not be looking for. You can do this by doing keyword research for your content.

This doesn’t simply apply to blog articles, however to any page of your site.

Plenty goes into optimizing for SEO (which we’ll examine further), yet at the rudiments, you need the substance on your site to obviously transfer to what your administration/item/organization is addressing for and how individuals are searching for it.

How to Fix This

To begin with ensuring you’re focusing on the keyword research, start with some keyword research.

All keywords are not made equivalent (ex. an IT company ranking in the first position in Google for Charity Challenge won’t do a lot to drive qualified leads and prospects).

This shows why it’s critical to distinguish the keywords you’ll need to focus through your substance procedure that will really drive results for your business. Also, it’s insufficient to simply know how you allude to your business. Put yourself in the shoes of your possibilities for how they’re discussing your item or administration. At that point make a substance methodology that works those keywords into them.

4. You Are Not Publishing Regularly

As you saw over, it’s insufficient to simply be publishing blogs consistently if it’s not the correct quality. Nonetheless, even streamlined substance should be distributed at an ordinary rhythm to truly observe search rankings get.

There are various reasons that as content consultants at IMPACT, we suggest distributing at any rate 2-3 bits of new content every week. For one, it keeps you before your possibilities and keeps you top of brain for those generally acquainted with you. It tells them that you’re as yet significant.

Ever visit a site that seems as though it hasn’t been refreshed in years? A new stream of blog content aides your possibilities know you’re as yet in the game, and the content on your website is as yet important.

Second, and all the more significantly to this conversation, it improves your chances and probability of ranking great in Google. The more substance you have on your site, the more open doors that Google needs to list your substance for different keywords.

Working off of that, if Google begins to see you’re distributing content consistently, it’ll correct its creep timetables on your site and visit all the more much of the time.

It’s practically similar to going on an outing to the mailing station to check for any mail in your PO Box (do a few people actually have these and hear what I’m saying?). In case you’re utilized to not getting mail conveyed there for an all-inclusive timeframe, you’re presumably going to be less boosted to check it each and every day. Similarly, in case you’re getting new mail each day, it’s probable you’ll make sure to stop by consistently.

Regarding writing for a blog, locales who haven’t consistently been distributing substance may have gotten Google acquainted with just slithering their website on a rare premise, perhaps every couple weeks or thereabouts.

This is practically similar to being the individual who is picked keep going for kickball in the schoolyard, or the individual who is left behind for an advancement at work. With regards to keyword rankings, you may be the keep going site at the forefront of Google’s “thoughts” for a keyword ranking promotion.

5. SEO Best Practices are not Being Implemented

There are blogs and guides and online courses simply elucidating the subject of SEO in light of the fact that there’s such a huge amount to state.

From having a SSL certificate for your site to having fitting headers, titles, meta descriptions, there’s a lot of on-page SEO fundamentals that ought to be actualized on each page of your site.

All things considered, search engine optimization is about how you can make your substance hang out in Google’s eyes as the best bit of substance that it can show for clients who are searching for keywords relating to your industry.

Consider everything: you’ve most likely made a small bunch of Google searches through inside the most recent 24 hours. However, let me ask you an inquiry: When is the last time you went to the second or third page of Google for your search? How regularly would you say that occurs?

By the day’s end’s, Google will likely fulfill your request as fast as conceivable by bringing the most important and accommodating substance to the highest point of the search engine results pages.

How to Implement SEO Best Practices

In the event that you need to caution Google that you’re keen on ranking for specific subjects, questions, or keywords, following SEO best practices is the way that you can impart that.

While there’s a lot to plunge into here, the extremely dense rudiments come down to improved titles, watchwords, headers, structure of articles, meta descriptions, and URLs.

At the core of SEO in 2020 and past is making content that is more client centered: regardless of whether it’s the genuine point and methods of really responding to your possibilities’ inquiries, or outwardly giving the best underlying/organizing experience for clients as they’re perusing your site.

While none of these accepted procedures are essentially advanced science, it’s a compelling artwork to get them all cultivated in each and every article. It’s practically similar to how the trial of a fine gourmet specialist is frequently how well they can cook something horrendously straightforward – like an egg. While anybody can cook an egg, it takes a level of artfulness and experience to do it well.

The equivalent goes for distributing an article that follows the best practices for SEO.

6. Your Site has Poor Organization/Navigation

Site organization is additionally a significant factor in ranking.

On the off chance that the structure of your site isn’t clear, you may have a high number of clients who end up on a page of your site and afterward “skip” directly off back to the SERP pages to attempt to improve answer to their request.

This is the thing that’s known as a bounce rate, and Google doesn’t care for it when it’s excessively high. In the event that more individuals are going to your site and quickly leaving as opposed to staying and processing a greater amount of your substance, it alarms the search engines that your webpage presumably isn’t excellent, and your website probably won’t rank very much contrasted with your opposition.

Give Users a Clear Map

At the core of extraordinary client experience on a site is typically the navigation menu.

In the event that clients can’t unmistakably understand what you do – and what their next activity ought to be – after only a couple seconds on your site, at that point it could be an ideal opportunity to plunk down and survey your offer and site navigation methodology.

Consider offering some self-arrangement instruments to give clients the inclination that they’re getting a customized site experience that encourages them get to what in particular they’re searching for in the snappiest time conceivable.

Likewise, ensure your route menu names and even blog classes are anything but difficult to get a handle on and see rapidly, absent a lot of extra idea required. Keep in mind, you need to communicate in their language, so avoid language.

7. You are in a Super Competitive Market

Tune in, a few ventures will be simpler to rank for than others.

For an office attempting to rank for look through identified with inbound marketing, for example, it will be extreme. (Consider the big picture: We’re a lot of advertisers looking at showcasing. We’re all attempting to rank for a considerable lot of similar keywords.)

However, envision what number of impact safe structure producers, for example, are grasping making this substance on their locales? Likely not the same number of, if any whatsoever. Those people commonly don’t invest a lot of energy advertising; all things being equal, they’re building convenient structures that save individuals’ lives on account of a blast at a petroleum treatment facility.

Furthermore, indeed, that is the reason our impact safe structure content counseling customer, RedGuard, is positioning for featured snippets (we call this Position Zero, since it’s surprisingly better/higher up than being in position one. Fundamentally, it’s Google gold!) for a portion of their first articles they ever distributed in the wake of working with us.

featured snippets of organic seo dubai

What If You are One of Them?

So truly, the business and market you’re in does make a difference, however not in the way that gives you a reason to not follow the prescribed procedures recorded in this article.

In case you’re in one of those super-serious spaces, it just methods you must be on your game considerably more. You need to cook that allegorical egg (see reference in #6 in case you’re befuddled) as though you’re Wolfgang Puck, as an extraordinary ordinary just right egg will work.

This may mean going the additional mile with your substance: having video on every one of your pages, infographics and images expertly intended to go with your content.

At the point when you’re in a serious space, it just methods your space for blunder is marginally less, and that regardless of whether you’re doing everything right, it may take somewhat more to see the rankings climb for your substance. So in case you’re not a Featured Snippet yet, it may very well require some investment.

It may likewise mean your content procedure should be much more insightful and intense. What’s a point that hasn’t been drawn closer yet with regards to your industry? How might you talk about it in an unexpected way? What’s a part of your field that is unrepresented?

Making content around those regions will be fundamental for accomplishment in a competitive market.

8. You are not Crediting a Trustworthy Author

The objective is to compensate those locales that have a confided in industry master as creators for content that is truly going to affect individuals’ wellbeing, clinical treatment, or lawful standpoint.

Consider everything, do you need an arbitrary consultant educating you regarding the most up to date updates to an operation or wellbeing practice? Wouldn’t you instead of data come from a trusted, experienced specialist or clinical expert? I realize I would! What’s more, presently Google does, as well.

What to do About it?

In case you’re in one of those businesses, ensure you have a writer recorded for those articles who is respectable in that industry. Don’t simply list your organization as the author.

Additionally, give authors a set bio page on the website and have it connect back to their LinkedIn page to make it simpler for the search engines to assemble the pieces that this is a specialist talking.

9. You have a “no-index” tag set on your pags

A no-index meta tag is a bunch of coding that you can infuse on your website pages to essentially advise search engines not to creep (and consequently, rank) it.

You may figure, Why might anybody actually utilize that? Who WOULDN’T need a page to rank in Google on the off chance that it could?

This is in reality lovely regular on explicit website pages.

For example, you’ll most likely need this no-list setting on thank you pages for your offers or even on the downloads themselves.

What to do about it

As a rule, no-index coding should just be on explicitly picked pages of your site. In case you don’t know whether this is your circumstance, you can connect a URL to a site like this to test it for you.

In the event that it has the tag, that could be the reason it’s not appearing in Google. Go into the back finish of your content management system and eliminate those labels for that page.

No-Index tag

Every stage appears to be unique for how you can do this or how it’s set up (regardless of whether on a page-by-page premise or worldwide for entire areas of the site). To refresh the tag on a solitary website or presentation page in Hubspot, for example, simply go to Settings and afterward eliminate the coding added for the no-index.

10. You are not Optimizing Older Posts

Ranking on the first page of Google isn’t a prize you set on your divider and respect.

It’s a continually moving objective, and in case you’re not reliably putting forth a valiant effort to stay aware of it, you will presumably fall behind in the rankings.

The equivalent goes for content that you distributed ages back that actually isn’t positioning.

Substance might be obsolete, missing a key component that individuals need to think about, or simply have an obsolete structure to it and such presents may require on be returned to and adjusted.

A thorough substance system doesn’t simply incorporate making new posts, yet additionally upgrading posts that have been on your site for some time.

What Should You Do About It?

There are likely many articles that merit returning to for an occasion to improve your ranking.

In any case, meaning to optimize ALL your articles (contingent upon how much substance you’ve created previously) can be a very time broad undertaking, and to be completely forthright, it probably won’t merit handling them all, particularly in case you don’t know what you’re attempting to explicitly advance them for.

There are explicit “pails” (or classes) of articles you can distinguish that will have the most value for your money on the off chance that you put some additional time in them.

These pails of articles can incorporate those with high bounce rates, those stuck on the second or third page of Google, and the individuals who are getting bunches of impacts on hunt pages however not a sensible number of snaps related.


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